Weather update on Hermine:

Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to affect the NJ area throughout the Labor Day weekend.  A TROPICAL STORM WARNING continues for the New Jersey coastal counties (Monmouth to Cape May to Salem) There still remains some uncertainty with the track of Hermine Sunday through Monday, as the storm is expected to slow and meander which will, in turn, prolong the coastal and marine impacts.

The heaviest rain should occur Sunday 9/4 through Monday 9/5.

Winds along the coastal areas will be sustained between 35-40 mph with higher gusts mostly along the coastal areas.  Strongest winds should occur Sunday into Monday.  Winds inland will be significantly less at this time. The problem with high winds is usually trees and branches falling on power lines and blocking roads.

Concern is with the high tide Sat 9/3 10-11 pm and Sun 9/4 10-11 am causing coastal erosion along the coast. Tides are expected to be 8-10 feet above normal with some minor to moderate flooding along the back bay area as well.


– Having a supply of drinking water stored for everyone in your home in case the water supply in your area becomes compromised

– Have your storm drains cleaned out to facilitate the water flow

– Have your generators fueled up, checked and ready to go

– Secure any loose objects in your yard that could blow around during the gusting winds such as umbrellas, lawn furniture and decorations and pool toys

– Have enough non-perishable food stored and ready in the event power or other utilities such as natural gas become unavailable.

– Charge your cell phones in the event power or phone lines get knocked down

– Top off the fuel in your vehicle in the event that a power outage affects local gas pumps

– Check in with family, neighbors and friends to make sure they have taken adequate measures to prepare for the storm

– Have a backup plan in case you lose power or experience flooding and have to leave your home


BOAT OWNERS should check their boat if tied up at a marine and ensure it is properly secured.  Please evaluate and monitor the storm as well as the marina conditions to ensure the safety of your vessel.

Stay tuned to local news media as the storm continues through our area.