Advisory: IRS Phone Scam- DO NOT give info – Call IRS HOTLINE 1-800-366-4484. Call police ONLY if you lost money in the scam.

Please be aware……….

Please be advised that the Beachwood Police are aware of the IRS phone scam. There is no need to report to us that you received a call unless you provided them with personal information (SSN, Date of Birth, Bank account info, etc.) or you paid money to a scammer. In these cases, a report might be helpful in repairing your credit or obtaining a new SSN.

Local and Federal law enforcement agencies are investigating this scam. You may also call your phone service provider to have the incoming calls blocked.

These entities claim to be or work for the IRS and are attempting to scam people out of personal information or money. They do this by attempting to frighten people over the phone with threats of law suits or criminal arrests/warrants. THE IRS DOES NOT CONTACT PEOPLE BY PHONE. They will send certified mail with a green receipt card.

If you have any questions about your personal taxes and they were prepared for you by an accountant or certified tax professional, contact them directly.

You may also contact the IRS directly for questions or to report scams at ****** 1-800-366-4484 ******* or the following local offices: 732-660-0063 (Freehold Office) or at 609-989-0533 (Trenton Office). Again, it is best to report scams to the IRS directly as they have their own law enforcement component to investigate these scam calls which originate mostly out of the country.

******Do not answer any calls that have a phone number that is unfamiliar to you. NEVER give ANY personal information over the phone.***************