Family Emergency Operations Plan

Does your family have an Emergency Operations Plan? If not, you should. Don’t wait until an emergency or disaster strikes before you develop your plan. You really need to identify what type of hazards and potential risks your jurisdiction faces; What you will take with you if you are asked to evacuate; What you will do with your pets and livestock; Where you will go if you are asked to evacuate, etc. The information in the following pages may help you to develop your family’s Emergency Operations Plan.

If You Are Told To Evacuate

In Ocean County there are a number of reasons why you may have to evacuate. These include, but are not limited to:

Natural Disasters

Technological & Man-made Disasters

Blizzard/Winter Storm

Chemical Facility Accident




Nuclear Facility Accident


Power Outage


Transportation Accident


Act of Terrorism/War

For more information please click on the link below:

"Shelter In Place"

Evacuation is a last resort. You will not be asked to evacuate unless the State, County, and/or Municipal Officials feel it is absolutely necessary to provide for your safety. Sometimes, there is no time to evacuate, this is often true in a hazardous materials incident for example, you may then be asked to shelter “in place”. This means that you stay inside your home or whatever building you are in. Stay away from windows, doors and exterior walls if possible. If there is a threat of a storm, this is especially important. Branches, trees and other flying debris are extremely dangerous and could crash through doors and windows or even impale the walls. You may be asked to turn off all ventilation systems (heat and/or air conditioner) if there is a chemical spill. Listen to your local radio stations, television stations and emergency responders for this vital information.

Disaster Supply Kit

Every home should have one! Everyone should have a supply of the following items, packed in a storage container or duffle bag, for portability:

* A three day supply of water (one gallon per day per person)

* A list of family physicians

* A list of medications

* A supply of non-perishable prescriptions, including dosage

* Packaged or canned food that does not require cooking

* Non-electric can opener

* Non-electric medical devices (ex: blood pressure cup, syringes, etc.)

* A first aid kit.

* A battery powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries

*** Be sure and update your supply kit every six months!***

Emergency Alert Stations

The following Ocean County stations will provide information regarding shelter locations, evacuations routes and other pertinent information:

Radio Stations:

92.7 FM WOBM

98.5 FM WBBO

99.7 FM WBHX

100.1 FM WJRZ

Television Stations:

Comcast Cable

Monmouth Cablevision

Take With You

If you are evacuating to a public shelter, you should bring the following with you:

* Blanket/Sleeping Bag/Pillow

* Lawn Chair/Lightweight Chaise Lounge

* Cash/Credit Card/Checkbook

* Expensive Jewelry

* Change of Clothing

* Family Documents/Photos

* Birth Certificates

* Insurance Policies

* Stock Certificates

* Flashlight

* Medicine/Prescription Drugs

* Infant Formula/Foods

* Special Dietary Foods

* Diapers

Do NOT bring to a public shelter:

* Alcoholic Beverages

* Extra Food

* Guns or Other Weapons