I would like to welcome you to the website of the Beachwood Police Department.  Our goal in creating the website is to offer an additional form of communicating with those in our community to better serve our residents.  Here you will find information to better prepare you and your family on topics ranging from crime related issues to severe weather events.  The site will continue to evolve as trends in crime prevention and emergency preparedness techniques shift.  Our goal to stay current with changes in technology will continue to offer direction on how we can improve our website.  Planned additions such as a police blotter and social media links will soon be available to help inform and update residents on crimes and events in their neighborhood.  Please take a moment to browse the website which we hope will afford you some very pertinent information about our department as well as some of the services offered.  The Beachwood Police Department consists of a patrol division, detective bureau, traffic safety bureau and records bureau.  The Beachwood Office of Emergency Management is also located in police headquarters.  Our agency has officers assigned to the Ocean County Emergency Services Unit, the Ocean County Fatal Accident Support Team and officers that instruct at the Ocean County Police Academy.  We take great pride in our agency, the community and the service we are able to offer.

Thank you,

Chief Robert Tapp